ArrowCloud Backup

For ultimate data protection, backup your files to the cloud

Backing up your files is vital. Imagine, you simply lose all your precious photos, documents, personal and business files. It’s not a question if but when data loss is going to happen to you if you’re not protected. 

Top 5 Reasons Data Loss Picture


Can you be confident your backups are working and data can be restored? As systems and technologies age they become less reliable and more prone to failure, especially if regular human intervention is involved in tasks like traditional tape backup.


Traditional Tape backup ArrowCloud Backup

• Costly to install & maintain
• Complicated to operate
• Vulnerable & unsecure
• Unreliable (Gartner estimates 15% fail)
• Difficult and time consuming to restore

• Easy to install, no media to purchase
• Intuitive, easy to use interface
• Data stored off site, replicated & encrypted
• 100% automated process
• Data instantly available via web & desktop client

Discover the joy of an easy cloud backup


Automatic Backup

You’ll never lose an important file again. ArrowCloud Backup automatically backs up your files to the cloud securely.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Always have your files exactly where you want them.You can access your files – wherever you want, whenever you want

Secure Storage

Your files are stored securely on encrypted servers using 256 AES encryption, ensuring that no one but you can access them

Quick Restore

Restore any backed up file in a jiffy. The search option lets you dind what you want to restore quicky and easily.